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Starting off... Oh here you go AGAIN, again with your stupid declare.
No I DON'T wanna hear, I DON'T wanna see, and no I really don't care

About how much you love her, how much you touch her and talk to her instead of me
about why life is so wonderfull and "you are all I see"

So all that I can do is watch your stupid grin
as you fuck the truth outside, and leave the rest within

I know that time will pass until you realize
that all you say is heard, and most of all your lies

Will not be appreciated, but rememberd (yes, by me)
and not by that other one whom is the only one you see

When you walk home fom a hard day, and she's the one you find
ready for Left to embrace her, and for Right to molest my mind

Perhaps I should be thankfull for your thoughts about me
when you jerk off in your room, all alone, although I see

Your uncontious mind, your wicked brain that twitches to the slightest kind
of thoughts, images and jibberish, wich is verry rare to find

I must therefore be privileged to know oh you so well
but, please, cant you hear it? It is the ringing bell

A reminder of som sort..Oh I know, it's you
Or perhaps... No, I'm wrong again, it must be that girl too

Yes I might be desperate, I can't deny that fact
But you're the one whos confusing me, shit, you're the huge impact

...But after all, I, and I alone, am the only one who can see
That your actions affect not her, nor you... But obviously me
..Really. I don't want to know.
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October 14, 2011
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